Sunday, November 24, 2019

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Celebrity Branding plr - Repeat Payments

Repeat Payments REVIEW Celebrity branding is a method of advertising which uses the services of a celebrity to promote a product or service with the help of their fame and status in the society. This method has several approaches; it can involve a celebrity simply appearing in a commercial and the celebrity can be signed for attending events for promotion. Another method is to start a product line using their name as a brand. Perfume and garments are the largest product lines involving such a promotion. All the top actors, singers and models are known to give their name to a certain brand or licensed products. Jennifer Lopez started her own line of clothing a while ago which features designer clothes personally designed by her. Repeat Payments REVIEW

A customer’s buying behavior is hugely influenced by famous people. Marketing experts, using associative learning principles, analyzes the lifestyle of the celebrities to properly assign them to the brand which depicts them perfectly. Their fashion sense, appeal, awareness, fame and public image are reviewed thoroughly to assign them the right charity work or product. Repetition, blocking, CS pre-exposure, extinction, overshadowing, belongingness, and association set size are the principles on the basis of which analysis is done like the famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai of India who has very beautiful eyes was chosen to campaign for eye donation project. Some of the celebrities are known for their distinct voice. This concept led to the voice-over method in advertising. Their voices merely attract customers when used in a commercial.

Today, nearly twenty percent of the advertising industry utilizes celebrity endorsement. A celebrity is bound to endorse many products and brands over a course of time. Each time a different image of the celebrity is being projected to the public. The company should keep in mind the previous identity and play accordingly. Projecting a different person every time will sustain the interest of the customers, but at the same time the two identities shouldn’t conflict with each other.  The captain of England soccer team David Beckham has endorsed many products. While advertising for Gillette, his taste for hairstyles was considered and he was given a bald look. When campaigning for Police his passion for fashion was portrayed all over and heavily jeweled David Beckham was depicted.

If a celebrity isn’t comfortable with being pictured differently each time he or she can create a graphic image or logo of their own which can be used each time they advertise for a particular product. The logo can reflect the personality of the respective celebrity, like the font can be stylish if the celebrity is fashion conscious like Jennifer Lopez who created a logo of JLO, which is used to advertise perfume and even clothing line of her own. Another advantage in this approach is that the brand can still be appealing to the crowds even after the celebrity has lost his or her looks as they won’t require visual recognition and aids in the long-term negotiations. The celebrity logo itself carries the style and attitude. 

Millions of dollars are being invested by marketers to get the promotional support of super stars every year. Davie Brown Entertainment has an agency completely devoted to the purpose of choosing a celebrity for a product. They not only judge a celebrity’s caliber to affect brand affinity and consumer’s taste but also design the advertisements for the celebrities to feature in it.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

What Is Freebie Commissions All About

What Is Freebie Commissions All About?
It’s a unique twist on a system used by leading retailers for years: giveaway something for free, then profit as customers ‘upgrade themselves’ by purchasing related offers.
 Does This Require Technical Skills Or Experience?
None at all - because ANYONE can give away free stuff …
AND everything you need to do it is included in your package … all point & click simple.
 How Much Time Does This Take To Set Up?
20 minutes at most. All you do is insert your link & autoresponder details into the included landing pages …
Then activate the free traffic sources … and watch the system work its magic. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Detailed Analytics & Reports : Curation

Curation Lab REVIEW Now, with Curation Lab… you too can discover high-quality viral content that you can publish and instantly boost traffic and engagement… all with just 10 minutes of work in a week.
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Yes, at the end of the day… it all boils down to the quality of content you put out there.

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

time-tested and proven system (5iphonR)

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

100% secure system and backup of data

100% secure system and backup of data

We understand how much your data is important for you. We have completely secure system with regular backups so you never have to worry about losing leads or the progress your made by hard work

Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics to track your opens, clicks, geolocation and other features to track and scale your campaigns

Monday, July 22, 2019

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